Supporting Responsible Resource Management, Energy Infrastructure Decommissioning, and Sustainability

We focus on supporting responsible resource management, and helping clients decommission offshore energy infrastructure, restoring the environment to pre-drilled conditions, and recycling materials to sustain their useful life.

Energy Infrastructure Decommissioning with an Emphasis on Responsible Resource Management and Sustainability

We help oil and gas companies fulfill their obligations to retire obsolete energy infrastructures in a safe, environmentally responsible manner.

Offshore Liability is a Global Concern.

As of 2021, there is more than $150 billion in liability associated with the retirement of energy infrastructure assets in offshore waters globally, with an estimated $40+ billion in the US alone. A significant portion of this infrastructure is no longer supporting economically useful production and will be removed within the next 5 to ten years.

Abundance of Recoverable Materials

At the end of their useful lives, offshore production facilities, platforms, and pipelines have materials that can be salvaged or repurposed – that’s why we recycle. Worldwide, there are millions of tons of steel and other recyclable materials waiting to be harvested as the offshore energy infrastructure is decommissioned.

Energy Transition is Happening Now.

Resource depletion and a societal push towards renewable, clean energy has sped up the demand for decommissioning aging oil and gas assets.

In fact, traditional oil and gas supermajors are already investing heavily in alternative, sustainable energy sources.

Decommissioning oil and gas assets can have devastating consequences if handled improperly. When old offshore wells are improperly decommissioned and left uncared-for after their retirement, it can lead to significant environmental damage that could cost billions over the next decade.

Alliance Energy Group is the only company in the world that can handle every aspect of platform decommissioning.

We are committed to providing safe, reliable expertise to do the job right the first time.

Safely recover hydrocarbons & hazardous materials

Permanently plug and abandon oil & gas wells

Remove & salvage recyclable infrastructure

Perform subsea site clearance & sweep ocean floor for unseen hazards

We’ve provided Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability for over 30 years.

For decades, we’ve focused on:

  • Supporting responsible resource management
  • Helping decommission offshore energy infrastructure
  • Restoring the environment to predrilled conditions
  • Recycling materials to sustain their useful life

We are the only single-source provider of marine transportation, well intervention, commercial diving, and decommissioning and reclamation services. We offer in-house engineering as well as project management and execution for every stage of the decommissioning value chain. Multiple services, one safety culture, one team.

Our Family of Companies

Alliance Energy Services is the leading provider in asset retirement, including well plugging & abandonment, coiled tubing, and specialty cutting services. Alliance Energy Services is geared towards delivering integrated solutions and unique efficiencies for clients in offshore and coastal environments.

Triton Offshore is the leading provider of air, mixed gas, and saturation diving as well as heavy lifting services to the energy industry. Triton Offshore provides project management, marine construction, manned diving services, inspection, and more. Through our subsidiaries, we are a “one-stop shop” on all diving and decommissioning projects.

Alliance Offshore is a true, world-class provider of marine services with a diversified fleet of support vessels. Alliance Offshore supports the full lifecycle of offshore and coastal energy infrastructure, including construction, maintenance, production enhancement, and decommissioning and reclamation.

We give our clients the support needed to approach resource management and decommissioning of oil and gas fields the right way.

This is why Alliance Energy Group employs “Mission Zero” – zero harm to people, zero harm to the environment – every person, every job, every day.

One Family of Companies

We are experienced with the full lifecycle of infrastructure services, and specialize in offshore decommissioning and reclamation. That’s why we created a group of companies, which are centrally governed, to provide our clients with a single-source solution to end-of-life asset retirement liability management.

One Integrated Safety Culture

We hold ourselves to the highest standards, consistently striving to lead the industry in safe, effective and efficient operations. Senior management has developed a culture of open communications across our affiliate companies, and supports “stop work authority” for every employee to ensure the highest levels of safety in our integrated service offerings.

Track Record of Success and Purpose

Our leaders have been in the industry for more than 30 years, working in all aspects energy services from construction and installations to production enhancement to end-of-life decommissioning, and have successfully navigated multiple industry cycles. Our business was founded by investing in relationships, aligning interests, and evolving with shifting demands to create lasting value with a sense of purpose.

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Why Should You Choose Alliance?

As Louisiana natives, we are naturally environmentally-conscious. We understand the importance of striking a balance between supporting the delivery of affordable and reliable energy and preserving and restoring our coastlines and oceans for future generations.

Supporting the energy industry for decades, we also understand how it has transitioned over time through energy cycles and in response to changing sentiment. We are the partner of choice for clients who are seeking to secure safe, reliable, and efficient solutions that support their resource production, perform infrastructure maintenance, and manage the decommissioning of obsolete assets.